Jan 12

2 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair to Have a New Look

Some of us have very fine hair, that is, the diameter of the hair strands is quite small. This makes them unable to retain any curls or other texturing, since they fall straight under their own weight. While this may be a challenge for achieving certain looks, this can be an advantage for achieving some other kinds of hairstyles. For example, such hair is very well suited for simple and straight haircuts. Let us take a look at two main kinds of short hairstyles for fine hair.

Bob cuts

Many bob cuts are very well suited for fine hair. The reduced length puts less load on the hair, thus allowing them to fluff up and display some volume instead of falling completely flat on your scalp. You can always go with the simple bob cut with hair length just below the chin. It shows off your hair very well, and is quite easy to maintain. Since it is quite simple, it is easy to style and carry every day without the need to visit your hair stylist frequently. You can also go with the wispy bob cut, wherein the hair is cut in fine layers. This is quite easy to manipulate and you will be easily able to prevent your hair from covering your eyes. You can also have these layers longer and colour them in different shades, giving you an interesting look. Another flavour of bob cut that works great is A-line bob cut, where the hair at the front is longer than at the back. This is a sharp and trendy hairstyle. If your hair has some curly or wavy texture despite the fineness, don’t add too many layers. Fewer layers would work great in showing off your hair’s natural texture. You can also go with deep side part bob, where the hair sweeps across the face to one side. This can work great if you have a long face and want to add in terms of density of features on your face. You can also get a blunt bob with razor texture, where the hair is cut to a very razor sharp and well defined, even hairline. This gives an edgy look.

Pixie cut

There are various styles of pixie cuts that great short hairstyles for fine hair as well. A simple feminine pixie cut with longer layers on top sweeping across the top of your forehead can give you a very sleek look. This works especially well with fine hair. Finer hair is also easier to pull back from the top. You can use some hair products to achieve this look, and the hair will retain it since they will get weighed down in that position by their own weight. This look is particularly difficult with thicker hair which tend to straighten out. If you are someone who does not worry too much about styling, you can go for super short pixie cut. In this cut, the sides are basically buzzed and the top has very short hair. This is quite easy to style and is sure to set you apart.